Do you have an elderly or vulnerable friend or relative


who could do with some help in using the Internet? 



We can help you help them - and you don't even have to be





You + Sideboard =


A connected life for someone you care about






 We have a new product coming soon


Email for the blind


The first 50 customers to sign up for the email service receive this at no extra charge 



With Sideboard's simple internet support system you can provide them with:-

  • A super simple and safe internet email service that has been developed specifically for elderly and vunerable users that can be remotely managed by you - the user's Supporter More... (why not check out the online demo)
  • A simple to use photo sharing service with online album. More...
  • Safer web surfing as all web pages are automaticaly content filtered.  
  • Your user's own home page on the web, with their favourite links - managed by you - that their computer goes to automatically on start-up. N.B. the user's home page will never feature any adverts More
  • Daily notes and reminders on the user's home page set by you 

Plus...because the Sideboard system is accessed via the Chrome browser we will, set up Google's Remote Desktop* and Chat; meaning that you can safely video call your user and also demonstrate for them on-line how to use the email etc.

... as a Supporter you and other Supporters you nominate can remotely manage all of the above using a secure web site from which you can control all aspects of "your" user's account, including :-

  • Monitoring  when the user's computer last connected to the Internet
  • Managing email contacts and vetting of incoming mail from unauthorised senders
  • Adding/deleting daily reminders, notes. etc. to the user's home page
  • Setting up links to User's favourite web sites: and
  • Adding/deleting additional Supporters
  • Setting of web filtering levels

...and, to make things really simple, we'll do most of the set-up for you, including:-

  • Setting up theuser's browser for maximum user friendliness
  • Adding initial contacts for email and video calling
  • Providing an initial set of web links



Check out our Product Packages page for ideas, details or to order


If you have any questions or want to be notified when new products become available then please visit the CONTACT US  page. 

Newly  launched remote support for our Chrome Book product allowing you to remotely fix problems on the Chrome Book from your home PC or tablet






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