Sideboard ISS - the Internet Support System for the Elderly


Sideboard Ltd was founded by people whose parents were wary of technology and who lived too far away to be able to just pop round.


Over the last two years we have developed an integrated service that provides a robust and secure infrastructure that allows our customers to provide practical support to elderly or vulnerable relatives and friends.


The technology around which the service is built consists of an integrated mixture of software written specifically for Sideboard, brand name consumer electronics customised to meet Sideboard's specific requirements and best in class third party applications ported from the business to business world, all of them supplied in a pre-configured and thoroughly tested package that requires no set up or installation other than plugging in and switching on.




If you want to be able to help someone elderly or vulnerable to continue to live independently but have better things to do with your life than developing your own service, then Sideboard could be just what you need!


Company number 7443124  Registered Office 36 Queens Rd Newbury RG14 7NE