The internet can be a confusing place and sometimes dangerous. Teaching your parents, or someone else you are supporting, to use the internet safely can be challenging especially when they are not near by. SIMPLE HOME PAGE  allows you to support your User at any time and from anywhere.


You User can either use an old PC or laptop if you have one available or we can provide a fully configured new Chromebook. 


SIMPLE HOME PAGE presents the user with a very simple home page with links on it which you control 


In addition to managing the links to their favourite sites you can also configure the home page with your user's name and post daily messages and reminders, for example:






To set up your old laptop/PC for your User all you will need to do is follow some simple configuration instructions we will send you. Our system will automatically configure itself on your PC , our Chrome Book product comes with this pre-installed


You can manage your user's Simple Home Page from any web connected device by accessing our secure Supporter's portal.


The Supporter has an easy to use screen and can support several family computers all located in different parts of the country or further away.


You can nominate additional Supporters to help you support your User.  We will setup the additional Supporters for you and email them their initial password to access the portal. .





In addition to allowing you to add and delete messages and links on the User's home page the Supporter screen also shows when your users's have started their computer and accessed the web.




    Features                                                                                Benefits                                                        

Multiple Supporters and Users 

One User can be helped by multiple Supporters, or one Supporter can Support multiple Users

Shows time device connected

The Supporters page shows the Supporter when the User last connected to the internet 


Check if connection currently working

If a User is having problems using their device then the Supporter can ask the User to re-boot their machine, and, if the User's PC/laptop/Chromebook, router and internet connection are all working properly, then the devices connection status on the NMS will update

Easy installation

Simple installation by the Supporter on an old PC/Laptop, or no installation required if Chromebook supplied

Dedicated Sideboard Home Page for each user

Simple Sideboard Home Page for each User with pre-set links to their favorite  applications e.g. email and their favorite sites

Supporter managed User links

Users are both protected and helped by their links on their home page being managed by their Supporter(s)

Automatic web filtering

Protects Users from inadvertently visiting unsuitable sites. Supporter can configure filter settings remotely (N.B. not yet available on Chromebook) 






























 The Simple Home Page has an annual subscription of £15 with a one off set up charge of £10

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