Terms & Conditions


Sideboard Limited Terms and Conditions


Now for the legal bit; we've kept it as simple as we can!

These are the current Terms and Conditions relating to products supplied by Sidboard Ltd. These will expand in line with our growing product range which will come to market throughout 2013.


By buying from Sideboard Ltd. (Sideboard) you (the Customer) are accepting the following terms and conditions:-

Sideboard will not be responsible under any circumstances for the supply, management, performance or cost of Customer's broadband connection.

Customer may return any items purchased from Sideboard within two weeks of delivery and cancel any subscriptions within two weeks of the subscribed service commencing and receive a full refund. Please note items returned must be post-paid, in their original packaging and in an unmarked condition.

Customer may cancel any subscriptions for Sideboard services at any time up to two weeks before the next payment is due .With the exception of the circumstances outlined in (2) above Sideboard will not refund any or part of any subscriptions already paid.


All orders received by Sideboard from the Customer are subject to confirmation from Sideboard. Orders placed by the Customer may at Sideboard's absolute discretion be refused with full refund to the Customer of any monies paid in advance of order confirmation.

With the exceptions of loss caused by deliberate fraud, or death or personal injury resulting from negligence the maximum liability of Sideboard for any loss or damages suffered by the customer in relation to Sideboard supplied goods or services shall be limited to the total amount paid by the customer to Sideboard for such goods or services.

Sideboard will not be responsible for any loss suffered by the Customer resulting from the unavailability or reduced functionality of a subscribed service.

All equipment supplied by Sideboard is covered by the manufacturers' warranty and Customer must make any claims direct to the manufacturer.


Customer agrees to Sideboard setting up user accounts in the Customer's and where appropriate, other service user's names for the third party applications provided as part of the service.  The third party applications currently include but are not limited to: gmail accounts, free web filtering service and pawpawmail account.


Customer is responsible for obtaining the consent of other users of the service before providing their, contact details to Sideboard and before installing equipment including CCTV cameras.


Customer indemnifies Sideboard against any claims by third parties, including other users of the service relating to the installation or use of Sideboard products or services supplied by Sideboard to Customer.


The Managed Email Service is provided by our partners PawPaw. Please refer to their web site for more detail  PawPaw Web site


To be able to use the Managed Email Service Customers and other users of the service are required to have an internet connection and for NMS Lite service a laptop or  PC capable of running flash version 10.1 or above and the current version of the Google Chrome browser.


We retain the right to refuse an order , we will refund payments in this situation.

We retain the right to change product specifictaions without prior notice.


Our service is currently only available in the UK and any diputesare to be resolved under English Law